The Shoulder Mount Camera Stabilizer that Meets your Needs.

Did you find yourself in a situation when filming an event, a wedding, a sport game and you went in the editing room and you had lots of shaky shots?

Imagine you go to an event and set up the camera on the shoulder mount stabilizer in two minutes and you are ready to go and film the action.


The SmoothCam Pro has everythig you need to set it up quickly and start shooting. It gives you practical solutions to real situation in any event.


The SmoothCam Pro is manufactured from sturdy PVC pipes, the joints are connected with heat melting machine, and it can easily hold cameras up to 11 lbs (5kg).

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SmoothCam Support

Four Resting Points

Feels Comfortable

Quick to Assemble


SmoothCam Pro

Support for Heavier cameras

Non-Slip Rubber Handles

Quick to Assemble

Double Shoulder Padding

Includes a Cold Shoe Mount

SmoothCam Pro DSLR

For DSLR cameras

Leather Handles

Includes a Follow Focus

Leather shoulder Padding

Camera Cage included

Camera Bag

For Professional cameras

Cordura Type Fabric

Thick Padding

Genuine Leather Strap

What Customers say:



I have been a filmmaker and professional grip working in the film industry for over 20 years now and I have seen a lot of experiments with camera supports and lighting techniques and I want to say that the "SmoothCam Support" is one of the most affordable and effective designs I've had the pleasure to use!

Not only because of its simplicity but because it just does what you need it to do. You may have wanted something to help with smoother shots, especially when you need to hold a camera for a long time! But what exactly???


Well there are Glide cams and such but they are expensive and take mastering and stamina to do right. But with the "SmoothCam Support" all you need to do is put it on and stand as still or walk as smoothly as you can to get great results and its light weight means you can shoot longer!


When I have used it on productions people ask what it is and when I show them they say, "That is fantastic! It's so simple and works great!"

And again, it's really not expensive when compared to over complicated aluminum designs that do the exact same thing!


The SmoothCam Support may not be able to do all that you may want and there is no single piece of equipment can do everything but it absolutely is a solution to the most common situations and problems you will encounter on a day to day basis! I highly recommend this product!


Tyler Mandrusiak, Grip from CANADA


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Support Bar

Aluminium and PVC

Adjustable Height

Quick to Attach to the Belt

Easy Slide the SmoothCam


Cordura Type Fabric

Adjustable Size

Soft Padded

Velcro Straps

Cold Shoe Bracket

For extra microphone

For aditional Video Light

Easy to take it Off


Camera Bag Accessories

For Professional cameras

Additional Pouch

Camera Divider

Genuine Leather Strap