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"The Smoothcam provides extraordinary support, while remaining relatively inexpensive and highly mobile. This product is definitely a must have for anyone shooting film, especially with a DSLR!"

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Frecvently Asked Questions


Transylvania, is a European region, located in the center of Romania. We are a family company, dedicated to produce useful and affordable tools for filmmakers around the world. We, ourselves, are filmmakers and we test and use our products, in fact this is how we started to make this rigs.


Frequently Asked Questions:


What is the SmoothCam Support made of?

Durable PVC. The unit has a rubber foam padded shoulder arch, foam grips, thumb screw, and padded base. It is painted gloss black. 


How much does it weigh?

About 2 pounds, including support, belt and support bar


Does the SmoothCam Support come apart or disassemble?

YES. It comes apart in two pieces, so you can pack it and take it with you when you travel.

How does my camera attach to the SmoothCam Support?

Via standard 1/4 inch screw. The screw is not removable.


What is the weight limit of the SmoothCam Support?

Supports cameras up to 10 pounds

Will the SmoothCam Support mount to a tripod?



If I need a custom made, or a modification of one of your products, is it possible to get it done?

Yes, we like to work with you so you'll get your need met. If for some reason our products don't match exactly your need, we would like to do our best to modify any of our products for your specific need. If you need minor modifications, there is no additional cost. For more advanced modifications, some extra costs may apply.

Do you have a return policy?

Yes. Return the SmoothCam Support within 10 days of purchase for the purchase price minus shipping.

How can I purchase a SmoothCam Support?

Our preffered method is through Paypal.

How soon do you ship?

If you are from European Union, usually we ship the next day after you order. To keep the shipping cost affordable we work with the Romanian post, and for orders outside European Union, like USA, Canada, Australia, Norway, and other countries, we ship on Tuesday and Thursday only, because we need to verify the package with a custom officer, and only this 2 days the officer is on duty.

If we are low on inventory we will post a message on the main page indicating a delay. Weekend purchases ship on Mondays. We endeavor to ship promptly, however, it could take about 6-7 days until it will be deliver. If we build a unit for you with changes there is usually a 3 day delay to construct the unit. 


Can I combine products for a lower rate for shipping?

Yes, you can combine multiple products and you can save on shipping. By adding to PayPal cart, you can get a good deal for shipping.


What if I need more units of the SmoothCam Support, or other rigs you sell, will I get a special deal?

Yes, contact us and we can negotiate a best deal.

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