Shoulder mount camera stabilizer SmoothCam Support


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Product Highlights


Quick release plate

Four Resting Points

Non-Slip Rubber Foam Handles


Rubber Foam Shoulder Padding

Easy to Assemble

Aluminium Support Bar

Includes a Cold Shoe Mount


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SmoothCam Support



You have your HD video camera, you are ready to film some fun events, a school play, or even a wedding. You are looking to get professional looking videos and one of the important aspects of a great looking video, is avoiding the camera shake.


The SmoothCam Support helps you get stable shots and gives you the ability to film for longer time and still feel comfortable, with the included aluminum support bar and the belt.


You have a total of 4 resting points, giving you a pleasant filming experience. You can even let go of your hands from the handle grip, and the camera support will rest on your shoulder and waist with the belt and the support bar in place.

The situation calls for a quick run to a different location, you take down the support bar in a matter of seconds, grab the camera in one hand and you are off to that location, put the camera back on your shoulder, attach the the support bar to the shoulder mount and  bam... you are ready to film again.


Shooting angles


If you want to get a low angle shot of someone walking towards the camera”, no problem, put the shoulder mount on the ground, have enough distance from your subject and you are ready to call “action”!

You are ready for a break and have a snack, set the shoulder mount with the camera on the table or on the floor, have your meal and you are ready to film again, in seconds.


The features you need


The SmoothCam Support does exactly what is supposed to do, transforms your small camera in to a shoulder like camera.


The camera you own has great image quality, but is small, and with this stabilizer system you can get shots just like a pro.


Yes, having a professional great expensive camera is a dream for most of us, but owning a camera like that is not always what matter most. Filming a good story, or recording life memories and getting shots that you or your customers will cherish for a life time.


People will forgive a low light situation, but they will not forgive poor sound and camera shake. We recommend you look in to getting a shoulder mount stabilizer, there are many available on the market, from very cheap and really expensive.


We don't say that ours are perfect, but we say that it can get the job done and also looks good, and are very practical. We consider that our prices affordable. You need two minutes to set it up and get ready to film.


Have a look at our stabilizers and accessories, and if you need advice in deciding which one is right for you we are more than happy to guide you, based on our experience in the film making.


Four resting points – shoulder, left and right arms and the waist

Film for longer and still feel comfortable

Quickly go from shoulder to low angle

Change filming location easily

Set the camera on a table top or on the floor

Stable walking shots


Customer review



"I like your product very much. I have used it for some time and it does what I need it to do. It raises my camera up at a shoulder level so I can use a smaller camera in a more professional way.

I both like and dislike that it is made of PVC - it is light-weighted and practical, but I dislike the plastic feeling.

The price is great and I a can absolutely recommend this product to other people looking for a inexpensive shoulder rig!"

Torgeir Kalvehagen, STUP OG SKYT, Norway




The materials made from



The SmoothCam Pro is manufactured from sturdy PVC pipes, the joints are connected with heat melting machine, and it can easily hold cameras up to 8 lbs (3.6kg).


The base plate is thick aluminium with rubber foam padding.

The support bar is made from aluminium bars and PVC.


This shoulder mount stabilizer comes preassembled, all you need to to is connect the front handle peace with one screw, all you need is a phillips screw driver.

The advantage of being made from PVC is that is very light in weight, but still very sturdy.







SmoothCam Pro is an easy-to-use shoulder-mounted rig for video cameras and DSLR cameras (with an articulated LCD) that delivers key components preassembled for your convenience.


Its enhanced lightweight shoulder pad system rests comfortably on your chest and shoulder, with a soft belt and adjustable support bar that holds the shoulder mount to the desired height.


The baseplate position can be adjusted it slides back and forth and locks in place for the desired position of the camera from your eyes.

Rubberized non-slip grips absorb moisture to give you a solid grip on your equipment at all times.

With the included cold shoe bracket you can add other accessories such as, microphone, recording device, monitor or video light.






Construction PVC
Load Capacity 8 lbs (3.6 kg)
Belt Yes, adjustable
Support Arm Yes, adjustable height
Head Assembly/Top Stage Fixed Mounting Plate - 1/4 inch screw
Quick Release Plate YES
Cold Shoe Included
Foam Padding Yes
Color Black
Color Accents Blue/Red
Monitor Support Optional - Custom Made
Resting Points 4
Assembly Time 2 Min
Length 23" (59cm)
Weight 2.6 lbs (1.2kg)
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